Types of Event

What is your Event?

From a private home party to organisations needs. We got you covered.

Festivals & Events

Create no-fee tickets or sell more tickets to festivals and events and increase sales. Customise online deals (printed and digital tickets) to on-site check-in and box office sales. eTiqket solution allows you to personalise the ticketing process for a truly seamless experience.

  1. Performance Art Shows – Ballet / Musical / Opera / Theatre/ Play
  2. Classical Concerts - Chamber Orchestra Concert, Children's or Family Concert, Choral Music Concert, Concert Band Concert, Opera, Recitals, Symphony or Philharmonic Orchestra Concert
  3. Modern Pop Music Concerts – Alternative, Country, Rock, K Pop, EDM/Rave, Rap
  4. Social Events – Public Performance, Affair, Function, Occasion, Activities, Celebration, Jubilation, Ceremonial, Observance, Entertainment
  5. Religious, Cultural and Festival Events
  6. Sports Activities- Adventure Sports, Aquatic Sports, Strength & Agility Sports, Motorised Sports, Martial Arts Sports, Ball Sports, Extreme Sports, Mountain Sports, Mind Sports
  7. Tournaments – Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Badminton, Football, Table Tennis, Softball
  8. Competition Events – Chess, Kung Fu, Mahjong, Checkers, K-Pop, Street Dance
  9. Street Performances – Music, Dance, Magic
  10. Contest Events – Talent Contest, Singing Contest, Reading Contest
  11. Race Events – Car, Motorbikes, Cycling, Formula Racing
  12. Education Events – Open Day, Field trips, Training camps
  13. School Events – Concert, Fundraising, Carnival, Fun Fair, Celebration, Parent Meetup
  14. Executive Retreats, Incentive Programs, Team-Building Events
  15. Games – Treasure Hunt, Pokemon, Team Competition
  16. Adventure Tours – Mountain / Hill Climbing, Forest Trekking
  17. Food and Drink Events – Wine Tasting, Food Tasting
  18. Gatherings – Social Gamers, Fandom, CosPlay
  19. Expo, Exhibition, Exposition, Fair, Trade Show and Convention
  20. Business Presentation / Conference/ Talk / Forum / Ceremonies
  21. Business AGM / EGM, Meeting
  22. Business Pitching, Meet up, Networking Session
  23. Training Classes / Course / Seminar / Programs / Lectures / Workshops registration
  24. Art Galleries – Painting, Chinese Teapot, Wood Craft, Sculpture, Film
  25. Fashion Show Runways – Menswear, Ladieswear, Ready-to-Wear, Couture, Swimming Wear, Sports Wear
  26. Company Events - Product Launching, Sale Kick-Offs, Warehouse Sale
  27. Individual Events - Trunk Sale, Backyard Sale
  28. Charity Events - Fund Raising, Non-Profit Fund Raising
  29. Parties Invitation – Birthday, Anniversary, Farewell, Housewarming, Baby Fullmoon
  30. Alternative Parties – EDM, Rave and Prom Night
  31. Personal Events- Marriage Engagement Wedding Night / Cocktail, Wedding Anniversary
  32. Private Event - Masquerade, Ballroom Dancing, VIP Invitation
  33. Culinary Events - Cooking Demonstration / Bakery Class
  34. Reunions – Classmate, Workmate, Friendship, Family
  35. Night Activities - Gala Dinner, Awards Night, Appreciation Night, Organization Milestone, Company Ceremonies

Class, Course, Seminar, Lectures, Programs and Workshops Registration- Tickets To A Great Event

One of our exclusive function - classes or workshops handles registration so easy and straightforward for attendees or sign up for auditions. No more downloading forms to fill and email it over to you. Simple set up online registration for attendees to participate in your classes or workshops.


Private Party & Home Party- No Frills Ticketing Solution

Big or grand wedding, small house party or intimate. You take charge and plan your dream wedding and transform into reality, host a stress-free, toned-down gathering over the invites, food and festivities.


Dinner Theatre & Bar with Live Performance - An Artist Orchestra Ticketing Solution

Restaurant entertaining dining guests or tourist is a must in today entertainment hospitality and bar or pub with live performance is a forever green industry. Either organisation owners book artists or talents for performance or artist and talents create a selected date to perform on a specific place and allows fans to book the tickets online. Your fans are the most valuable asset.


Education Institution and School

School carnival and celebration are a hit for students and parents alike. ETIQKET can be easily customised to suit the needs of the community without much human workforce. We support all educational institution and is free to use.


Sports Tournament and Competition Event

Timing is the essence, simple sales process and price option is the key success for the planning events. ETIQKET provides a fast ticket with flexibility for No-fee tickets or tickets with a face value.


Tours and Recurring Events -Attractions Places and Entrance Ticket

365 days of tours booking or entrance tickets on automated recurring daily events. The local tour guide can book swiftly for instant confirmation for tourists. Effortless Ticketing.


Hotel Meeting Rooms, Hotel Function Rooms and Event Hall

Searching for a space to suit your needs and budget can a difficult task for most organisation or event management companies. Calling venues for date availability, asking for a price quotation, coordinating and communicating on the room seating planning is a pain.  ETIQKET event planner and DIY Ticketing & Registration Solutions to engage your attendees for fast booking and speedy check-in. Online registration, On-Site Check-in and Walk-in Sale

Full-Service White Label Ticketing & Registration Solution

Stay cool and let us do the work. We provide a total Ticketing & Registration Solution from setting up the system to event management to payment to on-site check-in management and customer service. Best of all, you get to decide which services your organisation can handle yourself and which ones we can provide for you.
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