How To Run Your Next Grand Event or Class Registration or House Party with

Create Your DIY Ticketing & Registration Solutions Profile

eTiqket leads you to a simple and easy setup profile creation.

Create an Event in the Calendar

Select a date for your grand event or private party.

Create Seating or Non-Seating Venue Plan

You may create multi seating arrangement for one venue and the sky is the limit to your creativity.

Create Custom Forms

Selection from simple fill-in form to customise a forms.

Create Speakers / Performers / Host

Provide personal information with text, picture and video.

Create Customise Tickets

Ticket pricing is a breeze with limitless option.

Or No-Fee Tickets

Giveaway Tickets or Event Registration or Party Invitation.

Marketing your Grand Event

All set and ready to rock and roll to the market or fans.

ePayment Gateway

Our extremely competitive booking fee of 3% ( Include Credit Card Charges ).

On-Site Check-In

Mobile scanning or bar code scanner for admission access.

Event Report

Industry-leading reporting to PDF or CSV.

Full-Service White Label Ticketing & Registration Solution

Stay cool and let us do the work. We provide a total Ticketing & Registration Solution from setting up the system to event management to payment to on-site check-in management and customer service. Best of all, you get to decide which services your organisation can handle yourself and which ones we can provide for you.
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