ETIQKET Solution For Your Next Events!

  • Sell Online

  • Sell on Mobile

  • Sell on Walk-in

  • Sell on Social Media

  • Free Giveaway Tickets

  • Free VIP or Reserve Tickets

  • Printed Out or Digital Tickets

  • Unlimited Tickets and Venues

  • Unlimited Attendees and Customers

  • Unlimited Tickets Zone & Colour Zone

  • Set Multiple Tax Rates Tickets Structure

  • Customise Multi Ticket Pricing Structure

  • Create Multiple Currencies and Languages

  • Designed for High Volume Transactional Traffic

  • Group Bulk Discount Code and Fans Discount Code

  • Ticketing Booking and e-Commence Merchandise Package Combos

Benefits of Using ETIQKET Solution

  • No More Manual Work
  • Higher Conversion Rate
  • Flexibility and Functionality
  • Automate Ticketing Process
  • Focus On What Your Best At
  • Save On Extremely Low Booking Cost
  • No geographical limits... use anywhere in the world

Free to Use ( No-Fee Tickets)

You have all the powerful features of DIY White Label Ticketing & Registration Solution

  • No Commission
  • No Hidden Cost
  • No Set Up Fees
  • No Service Fees
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Additional Cost
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • No ETIQKET Solution Charges

All Full Function Features Except For No Custom Domain Name

Full-Service White Label Ticketing & Registration Solution

Stay cool and let us do the work. We provide a total Ticketing & Registration Solution from setting up the system to event management to payment to on-site check-in management and customer service. Best of all, you get to decide which services your organisation can handle yourself and which ones we can provide for you.

Attendee Check-in Management- Faster Check-in & Happier Attendees

You don’t need a struggle with complicated spreadsheets, manage iOS and Android apps or soon to launch PWA (Progressive Web Apps)  for fast online check-in. Download our offline check-in solution with a bar code scanner for a quicker and swiftly entrance access.

General Admission

Scanning Seat Apps

Customise Seat Plan

Check-in notification

Allow online smartphone ticket check-in

Support offline desktop PC with barcode reader

ETIQKET Seating-Planner

Seating Planner

1. Simple drag and drop to design your customise seating plan

2. Or create standing tickets and no seating arrangement

3. Create multiple tickets by zoning, colour and prices

4. Design many different seating plans on a single venue

5. Create auditorium, theatre, classroom, herringbone, horseshoe, hollow square, banquet, boardroom, cabaret, cocktail, lounge zone, restaurant seating, family-style and tiered seating layout.

6. Café, restaurant, theatres, hotel function room and even public area

7. Create common area, tables, chairs, text label, facilities and points of interest

8. Attendees can select their own seats for some or all of your events.

Smart Booking Form

1. White Label to your great brand

2. Personalise and customise to suit your needs

3. Online fill-in form and have your supreme brand or distinguish company name to the ticket

Performer and Speaker

Performer and Speaker

1. Create performers or speakers information such as picture and video for better profiling

2. Digital marketing for event page or ticket to fans

Real-Time Reservation

Real-Time Reservation

1. Customise ticket code

2. Bar code or QR code for easy check-in

3. Bulk Discount code or Fans Discount Code

4. Accept major credit cards & online banking

Tickets and Merchandise eCommence Package

Tickets and Merchandise eCommence Package

From ticket only design to combine tickets and merchandise products into bundles or sell them separately through your DIY White Label Ticketing & Registration Solution


1. Fans 2. Guests 3. Patrons 4. Attendees 5. Customers 6. Participants 7. Venue Promotor 8. Wedding Planner 9. Event Management 10. Restaurant Owners 11. Café, Pub, Bars, Lounge Owners

Attendee Connection

1. Precision email

2. Whatsapp connect

Staff Employee Management

Staff / Employee Management

1. Multiple Users and Top-Level Administrators

2. Secure Logon on with User Name and Password

3. Assign Roles Based on Their Duties

4. User Permissions Limiting Access to Specific Functions

Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

Unlimited access to the real-time reporting module

Reports accessible in PDF or Excel format

Tickets Sales Reports and Attendees Lists

Sales and Attendance Dashboards

Custom confirmation emails

Custom confirmation emails

Our DIY White Label Ticketing & Registration Solution allow promotors to design their own custom branded confirmation emails with their brand’s presence and professionalism
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